Wanna be

Posted: Saturday, February 16, 2008 | Ditulis oleh saha | Labels:
I wanna stay upper u’r memories
Like a cascade,
Lead pure water in it
When u worry about losing all of tear

I wanna be a pillow
Hold up u’r neck
In restless dream u walked alone
Dreaming someone a bit more posh than me
Hoping somebody, and I knew that’s not me

I wanna be a dove
That fly strongly of hoping
Break the gloomy sky,
in heaven feast I’m watching u and bring it some
don’t stop hoping please

I wanna be a light
When the fierce voice of night blind u

Imagine I’m an exile
Just throw away spite ness n’ sadness to me
I’ll take it faraway
Climb the final mountain
And reach the whole victory of life
Don’t feel sad anymore please….

I want to make u happy forever
Without lie, envy and excessive things that can hide the real of me

I’m nothing and powerless to be u’r dream
Without sincerity in accepting
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