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Over land, before the shining stars
Catch the wind blew pleasing sound in my ears
Over land, as a glimpse in my eyes
Catch the rain to the dale, in tears

Walk on the ground
Behind the hill, listen to the fairy song
Losing all we’ve found
Runaway to the moon, but still not too long

Mirror, mirror of the
Let me see her face sleepily on the
grass ;

Through the air, I say your name
Write on cloud, I still write your name
Through the air, run after by a plane
White all clouds, crowded the lane

Sit on the chair
Below the blue sky, talk to the passion
Flourishing leaves, feel like I can touch your hair
Runaway to you, faraway at god’s discretion

Turned all the flower
Rising when you back home,
I hope;

There is a
star that showing your face
So I can see you…..

There is a
wind that whispering your pleasing voice
So I can hear you……

There is a
leaf that flourishing like your beautiful hair
So I can touch you…..

I still miss you now!


  1. Perahu Kertas said...
  2. jadi ingat ma lagu mirror mirror nya M2M :)

  3. wizurai said...
  4. iya ya??mirip??saya ngedadak sih bikinnya.....saya bikin buat mba Rizyana

  5. Perahu Kertas said...
  6. cuma karena ada kata mirror nya itu loh.. :) klo gitu kapan2 boleh dong buatin saya puisi juga :)

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